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Grooming your pubic hair can be an overwhelming chore that takes too long. That’s because traditional grooming tools are not designed to groom and protect your most sensitive areas – and the more careful you need to be, the longer your intimate grooming routine takes.



Meet Gillette’s gentle, easy, intimate shaving lineup that shows the proper respect for your region. Gillette Intimate Groin Razor Cartridges are engineered to gently shave below the waist with minimal nicks and cuts. The SimplePassTM technology featuring 5 anti-friction blades provides a close and comfortable shave. The cartridges are dermatologist test and provide added glide and comfort thanks to the lubrication before and after the blades. The Flexball means the razor easily adapts to your contours, making shaving in hard-to-reach areas simple. The razor comes with a shower hook to conveniently store and be ready whenever you need it. For a complete intimate grooming routine, use the entire Gillette Intimate grooming line to help prepare, help protect pubic hair from shave irritation, and maintain your pubic hair & skin.

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