Maxwell House Dark French Roast Ground Coffee, 25.6 oz. Canister


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Maxwell House Dark French Roast Ground Coffee has a consistent signature taste that is good to the last drop. This intense and bold dark coffee is exceptionally smooth and aromatic and is the perfect start to your day.



Made with coffee ground for perfect extraction of flavor and aroma into your cup, this French roast coffee is great served black or with cream and sugar. Brew a pot of this Kosher coffee in any drip coffee maker, and you’ll have a cup of hot French coffee in minutes. The smooth, bold flavor of these French Roast coffee grounds is ideal for cold coffee brewing, too. The 25.6-ounce resealable canister of dark roast ground coffee locks in flavor in between uses. From lively light roasts to full bodied dark blends, Maxwell House’s signature taste is created through a process that isn’t done the easy way, but the right way, for 125 years. For more great coffee, look for Maxwell House’s International Coffee Flavors next. Their instant coffee and latte mixes are a quick and easy alternative to preparing your own course ground coffee beans. And for something sweet, try out a Maxwell House Hazelnut Iced Latte or Maxwell House Mocha Latte recipe.

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